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The environment, the team, the coach who helped us, was spectacular. My daughter and I felt loved, welcomed and felt positive changes after each session. I want to thank Adriana and Kathleen for the excellent work and for the affection she shares with us. Thank you

- Marcella Bustilho

I highly recommend the work of the Just Adriana Life Coaching team, especially pastor Tânia, always available and attentive to me and my family, very happy and satisfied with the results achieved!!! God bless you for everything!!

-     Nathalia Andrade

Adriana completely changed my life and the way I see myself.  No words to describe how much she helped me.

-   Barbara Lima

Very happy to have met this team of wonderful professionals at a time when I needed them most!!! My eternal gratitude for the care and attention received…

- Sirley Silva

Adriana is great, she helps me a lot! Very easy to talk to and gives Godly guidance. She is very understanding.

- Rachel De Sousa

We had this experience together with our son, which brought great understanding and comprehension to our improvement as a family! Without a doubt, there are trained professionals with experience and sensitivity to help your family and become an increasingly healthy family!!

- Dilson Igreja

My daughter has been attending life coach services with one of Adriana’s team members for 4 months  and  we absolutely recommend Adriana and her life coaching  services . She has improved in self care , anger management and just being able …More

- Flavia Vidal

Adriana was great and helped me greatly with her counseling sessions. Godly guidance

-  Elizabeth Dias

Very professional, excellent treatment, great results

-  Jessenia Oquendo

She helped me a lot with my daughter. I am glad to find her. God bless her.

-   Lea Vittoria

My experience with Just Adriana Mental Health was very good, my children had a pleasant time and a lot of help for them, I recommend them and I will always be grateful for the attention and professionalism they provided!

- André Magalhães

I’ve been helped by Adriana more than a year. I am grateful to have her to guide me through the paths of life and keep me focus in my goals. I highly recommend her, as long as I won’t lose my sections! Lol

-     Rosania de Freitas

Incredible coach, grade 1,000… I highly recommend 👏👏🙌

-     Reginaldo Burigo

Cozy, clean and super nice place. There is parking where there are always spaces.
I feel very well looked after by everyone.

-    Beatriz Silva

It has only been a few weeks since Adrianna started coaching my child and her work has made a very positive impact in her. She is much happier, confident and motivated.

-   Priscila Gomez

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