Empowering you to rise above your problems by just being



I believe we all have an amazing potential within us. Often, we look around to find answers, motivation and strength but we usually underestimate ourselves.


Many times, I hear people saying: “If I was that type of person” or “If I had that type of life”.


They look at their lives as if they were not enough, not important or not capable. For some, the past is a remembrance that frightens, for others, the future is a subject too hard to imagine, so life becomes a day by day struggle.


I am here to help you improve your life today by enjoying your present, achieving your goals, and conquering your dreams.


Sometimes we just need a little push to get started, somebody who will challenge you to act, guide you through the path, and to hold you accountable

It takes just yourself to start something great!


May 21, 2020

Yes, we’re all in “survival mode”,  you are not alone!

At times like these you don’t call a friend and ask “how are you doing?” But instead, the question should be “how are you coping?” 

Now more than ever, we need to find rest and peace for our emotions by creating a "new normal" that will benefit us.

How can we find peace in the midst of chaos?

  • Peace comes from entertaining the right thoughts  

  • From living a balanced life

  • From self-awareness 

  • Intentionality 

With so much information available it is really impor...

July 22, 2019

Tensions and problems will always arise within the family structure, among friends or at the workplace, but we can learn how to deal effectively with them and prevent them from eroding the trust and intimacy that we have. When we know why a person is upset, we know better how to deal with him/her, and how to resolve the problem. In Matthew (5:21-23) Jesus teach us on that subject in a very effective way. 

Here are the three phases of resolution to conflict: Recall, Resolve, and Forgive.


Memories are not always happy moments, there...

July 3, 2019

One of my favorite things to do while coaching my clients is to try and keep them on track of reaching their goals. Have you noticed  that we are very quick to start things, but not consistent enough to “keep it going”? Here are some tips on how to be consistent...

1) Isolate One Goal:

When it comes to isolating one goal you just have to focus on two main questions: what do I need to improve on? and what am I lacking?. These two questions will keep you motivated and will help improve consistency within yourself. 

2) Focus on Incremental...