Empowering you to rise above your problems by just being



I​'m Adriana... just Adriana

I am so happy that you took the time to find me. My hope is that I can be an inspiration for you to find within yourself the strength, the motivation and the desire to be who God already made you to be: JUST YOURSELF.


 How I can  Help...

I am here to help you improve your life today by enjoying your present, achieving your goals, and conquering your dreams.


Sometimes we just need a little push to get started, somebody who will challenge you to act, guide you through the path, and to hold you accountable

It takes just yourself to start something great!

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Happy wife


It was because of Adriana's support and guidance that I got adjusted in my new family. She became one of the most special people in my life. She guided me to accept myself and become what God intended me to be. I want to express my gratitude and thank you for helping me. When I needed the most you were there to show me I was loved and I was precious to my family and to God. 

Just Patty

restored family


"There is so much to say about Adri. Since the day I met her she has been a blessing to me and my family. When I get together with her she always irradiates her light to me! I have been through different challenging situations in my personal and family life. She always has a wise advice to give. She does not stop and is constantly searching and discovering ways to grow in her knowledge and help others. She is my role model.

This Proverb always reminds me of her: "The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense."

Just Paulina



" A few years ago my life was falling apart.  I thought that I had failed as a mother and my relationship with my daughter was hanging by a thread.  Someone suggested me to call Adriana. As I look back, I thank God everyday that I made that call. She listened to me and worked with me. She helped strengthen my relationship with Jesus. She was His voice to let me know that he loves me and everything will be fine if I just trust him. From our phone conversations and prayers  every time I was upset to weekly women meetings at her house, I began to regain control of myself and realized I am not alone. We all need someone to help us see more clearly and I'm so glad I found Adriana.. 

Just Aminda



can change the world...

Through our partnership with "Rice, Beans & H20",  and your generous donations, we've been able to bring aid and hope to many countries. 

With your help, we have made a real difference in countries like Ecuador and Haiti.  

Thank you!

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to learn about our  trip to Haiti and how your GENEROUS donations reached the lives of many.