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Getting Things Done, Finally!

One of my favorite things to do while coaching my clients is to try and keep them on track of reaching their goals. Have you noticed that we are very quick to start things, but not consistent enough to “keep it going”? Here are some tips on how to be consistent...

1) Isolate One Goal:

When it comes to isolating one goal you just have to focus on two main questions: what do I need to improve on? and what am I lacking?. These two questions will keep you motivated and will help improve consistency within yourself.

2) Focus on Incremental Improvement:

Be patient because change won't happen over night. Make small adjustments to build momentum and create some speed. Celebrate any “small wins” to keep yourself motivated.

3) Fight Your Emotions:

Push forward even when your emotions fight you. Understand that they'll try to sabotage you at some point but be strong by not allowing them to get you off track.

4) Forgive Your Failures And Get Back Up:

It's okay if you fail, as long as you don't give up! Remember this quote: "What separates top performers from everyone else is that they get back on track QUICKLY!”

Top performers are not very different from us, they are just quicker to get back up.

Here's something to think about: What is preventing you from being the "top performer" that God created you to be?

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