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Read Between the Lines

There is a bible verse that challenges me every time I read it.

It is found in Mathew 6:23 when Jesus teaches the multitude:

“The eyes are the lamp of your soul, if your eyes are good your body will be good.”

How challenging it is to be able to look at things with positive eyes. To look at a loss with hope, for example.

It is an ability, I believe. The ability to “read between the lines”. To look at things in a different angle. To stare at a picture from a further position.

We always perceive things in the way that we want, and it’s usually in a way that we will be benefited from, but how about trying to look at a situation where you actually will benefit your neighbor, your husband, or your friend?

Why do you always have to be right? Maybe being wrong is the right answer. It will give you an opportunity to learn something new, to apologize, to be vulnerable, to show others that you are just yourself.

Try it!

Accepting that you are wrong can even set you free and it will enable you to "read between the lines" with love.

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