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Less is More

It's a new year and many of us are still recovering from a busy holiday season.

During that time we can often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and suffocated.

This new year I want you to remember:

less is more!

Take some time to clean your closet, fix your drawers or your office. It will make space for something new.

Sometimes we are waiting for something new to happen but we forget to make space for it.

Let’s be honest, why do we need that many pair of pants? And shirts?

Less is more!

Less time making choices is more time enjoying life.

What about going paperless on some of your bills? Less paper is more trees.

Same thing goes for the heart.

Often we wait for something new to flourish but we don’t even have space for it. A heart full of pain and regrets can only produce frustrations and blame.

Make space for the new. Forgive, repent, let go and allow God to heal you.

I can assure you that less is more!

Less regrets, less condemnation and less doubt is more freedom, more happiness and more strength.

You just have to be willing, because God is the one who make it happen.

When I feel overwhelmed and exhausted I take some time alone, I look inside of me to see what needs to go. It’s not easy, but is necessary, so I say a little prayer:

"God, I am willing! I am willing to forgive, I am willing to do the work, I am willing to let go.”

Then I rest in Him and things start to change from the inside out.

I learned to surrender to Him, Because He is God and I am JUST ADRIANA.

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