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Life is Like a Construction Site

Life is like a construction site…

It is always full of choices, decisions, responsibilities and "mess".

When we were about to start our kitchen project, I freaked out. I remember that I prayed to God: “Please, don’t let me go through this."

Ideally, someone would appear out of nowhere and offer to buy my house for an amazing price so I could buy a home that already had a brand-new kitchen. That way I would not get distracted by the “home depot trips”, project design decisions, and kitchen appliance's options.

To be honest, I just wanted to enjoy the results, I just wanted a new kitchen without the discomfort, without the noise of the contractors, the hard work and the family commitment to be united and joyful while helping with the ongoing mess.

After my prayer I felt acknowledged and validated by God and in the next few days I waited for this rich man to show up and get me out of my upcoming misery, but it never happened. That's when I realized that my prayer wasn't right in the first place, it was unrealistic, selfish and coward. I felt in my heart: “- Don’t you dare escape the process, because the learning experience is your lifelong treasure. Let this construction be an opportunity of growth.”

Sometimes we want to avoid the mess, we want the results, we make unrealistic requests and even try to bargain with God. So, He needs to remind us that there is beauty in the construction process.

What really made me feel special is the fact that even though I was pouring out my heart with my childlike prayer, God did not rebuke me in the first place. Just like a mother does not rebuke a child when the kid says: - “I will be a super hero one day!” or “I will be the president of the United States”. But instead, the mother validates the child, she even laughs and she saves the life lesson for another day.

God with his love and acceptance can always handle ourselves, no matter what. He always embraces us with compassion and understanding.

Why don’t you try it today? Pour out your heart to Him and let Him see the real you. It will set you free.

I learned that I don’t need to be perfect, I don’t need to have it all together because at the end of the day He is God and I am JUST ADRIANA.

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